Thursday, January 28, 2010


There are some days when I feel like I have just run out of fuel. It takes everything I've got to get out of bed, and get going. Today is one of those days.

I've got laundry to do.

I've got phone calls to make.

I've got emails to return.

Skipped breakfast.

Lunch was delayed, because I didn't have anything really to make...and my butt was still firmly plastered to my chair.

I hate days like this. I told my sister earlier, I wish we could just pretend like we didn't have any responsibilities and go to the in the olden days. Play HOOKIE!!!! We would eat pf chang's...people watch...window shop...get something sweet and sour at the candy store.

I'm glad these days are very few and far between. I've got way too much life to do to get bogged down like this. And Max needs a mommy that isn't such a slug!!!

I think I'll go make some dinner, and then eat something that is sweet and delicious. And maybe this weekend find my way to the mall to play hookie for real. ;)


t said...

deana, yay for moms who pick up and get themselves together for their kids,and families. i feel some days the same way and then with great difficulty shake it off and move on!
hugs your way and hoping tomorrow brings your energy and vigor back to you.

ParkerMama said...

Playing Hookie....what a thought! I could really use some doing nothing but fun time!

Deana said...

Yeah, Tammy...didn't happen here either, but at least my funk went away, and we got an increase on Max's sleep medicine!

Vijay, thanks for reminding me that it's just as much of our job to take care of ourselves as it is to take care of our kids!