Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Max's toys...

Max is hard to buy for, because we never know if he will like what we get. He doesn't run around the toy store giving us hints about what he would like...like his sister! So we just try to choose things that he can activate himself, easily. And a Curious George dvd! Always a dvd!

Luckily for me, I recently found Fat Brain Toys. I was able to make a wishlist for Max, to share with Auntie's and Grandma's! Steve and chose a couple of toys for his birthday, and we'll choose a couple more for Christmas.

Here's the rundown of what he got:

1.Ducati Remote Control Motorcycle

This was Steve's choice! Max and Daddy share the love for loud motorcycles...monster motorcycles! The controller is good for Max because of the handles he can fine-tune his fine motor skills by holding on to the handles, and using his fingers to push the buttons. The motorcycle also zooms around, giving him a chance to use his visual tracking skills to keep up with it! And it does roar, and that makes him happy! It's always good to get a toy that Daddy likes playing with too!

2.Monster Bowling

This was my choice! Max likes to play with his huge therapy balls, so I thought it would be fun to give him a target to knock down. This works for both fine and gross motor skills. We can set them up while he's standing on his tray and let him knock them down with the little ball that came with them. Or set them up on the floor, and have him kick a bigger ball to knock them all down. And come on...how cute are these?

3. Curious George Jack-In-The-Box

This was from Uncle Dan, Auntie Angie, and baby cousin, Addie! She's the one who made the final decision, because it is hilarious to have a silly monkey pop out of the box! I put this on Max's list because Max is not a huge fan of staying with a toy for longer than an instant hit to a switch. He likes to hit a button, see the lights and listen to the music. He likes the instant gratification. But he gets so annoyed when it takes longer than he thinks it should! So, I'm hoping that he'll stick with the cranking of the little handle so he can see George. He likes the surprise too!

4.Munchkin Mozart Musical Cube

This was from our friends Terry and Susan. They've known Max from the beginning, and know what makes him tick! Music. This is right now, his favorite of all of the toys. He chased it around the living-room for a couple of hours the other night. He starts on his beanbag chair, and kicks it to get it going. Then as it moves, he scoots closer to it and gives it another kick. It lights up and plays around five or so Mozart songs. You can add or take away certain instruments to give it different sounds. I initially thought this was really just going to be a good fine motor and visual toy. But as it turns out, it's a good motivator to get him moving around!

And lastly, Max's crown...

My friend Jenny told me about her friend over at Etsy.com that makes these crowns, and she thought Max needed one for his birthday! I agreed, and ordered one right away. Here is their Etsy store. She got it to me in a couple of days, and it was his birthday hat and costume all in one!

And that's the run-down. He really had a great birthday. Sure it was a lot different than we had planned, but in the end, we all got to do what was most important, celebrate an amazing boy's amazing life!


Rich said...

Melanie is "the crown lady"... http://danieljohnmaxwellspranger.blogspot.com/

I hope you visit her blog to it's very good... The crowns help support her son Daniel... Keep up the good work, and happy birthday Max! :-)

Of course feel free to visit my blog too... :)

Shachi said...

Wonderful! Now before you visit us in CA you have to suggest what gifts we can keep ready for Max :)

On another note, did u watch the movie "where the wild things are"?

I might go watch it soon!

Deana said...

Rich, thanks for a link to Melanie's blog! And I believe I found yours through your blogger profile. Is this it? http://www.theperfectfocus.com/

Shachi, I did go see Where The Wild Things Are. I really enjoyed it! I don't know if you have children, but I don't think it's a kids' movie. But for adults, or older kids I think it's a great movie.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad that Max had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for mentioning our store!

Deana said...

Melanie, thanks for stopping by. I've been reading your blog throughout the night...just haven't taken a chance to comment yet! Max rarely tolerates dressing up for his birthday/halloween, and he let us keep the crown on him for multiple hours! Thanks so much for such a cute addition to his birthday!

Shachi said...

No kids....yet :) But I love watching animation movies.....I actually buy the DVD's....Vijay's kids and I watch them together at my place every week!

I will go watch this movie too! and will be thinking about Max.

Love and Hugz.

Rich said...

Yep, Perfect Focus, thats me... =)
Melanie was more then surprised when I mailed her your post. LOL Glad you had a good day Max... Hope mom enjoys my blog as well.