Sunday, November 22, 2009

Max's Room...

We've lived in our current house since May, so just 7 months. In that short time, Max's room has taken several forms. When first looked at the house, we decided we would put Max across from our bedroom, the only bedroom on the main floor.

The only's the formal dining room.
dining room/max's room

We put up black-out curtains, and set his bed and dresser up. This was before Max slept. Remember that? The up every hour on the hour crying and throwing it worked as a place for him to sleep hard from 4-9am.

max's new room

Something changed though, once we got him to sleeping through the night. If he woke up and we weren't RIGHT there, he would get seriously upset, and often was having seizures. So, we have moved him into our bedroom...because this house has an insanely huge master suite.

Max moved in.
(That's a queen size bed, a full size bed, and Olive's bed, with plenty of walking space all around!)

Once we moved him into our room, it left his old room a bit of a mess. And it was a goal to get it put to some order this weekend, before having a houseful on Thanksgiving!

Steve and I got to work...meaning I started it, got frustrated with the huge mess, and he took over and had it done within an hour. And now, we have a proper therapy room!

Max's new room

We have all of his equipment in one corner...

Here we have his EasyStand Bantam Stander, his Hoyer Lift(a screaming deal on Craigslist $100), and his Quickie Zippee wheelchair.

The next corner we have his swing (which was $25 on Craigslist), therapy mats (given to us by Max's PT), Tumbleform therapy wedge (free from another parent that no longer used it), and therapy balls.

Therapy Room-Swing

And on the wall, we have all of his care supplies. His medicine, feeding bags, and feeding tube supplies. The rest of his supplies are kept downstairs on 5 shelves. Yes...he has A LOT of stuff!! It also holds his toys and books. His easel is stuck in there too.

Medicine and supplies

And there you have it...a formal dining room/bedroom/therapy room! We're nothing if not inventive and flexible when it comes to Max!!

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Shachi said...

Love it :) Kudos to both of you for being such a huge inspiration!