Monday, October 5, 2009

Meeting the Moms...

Yesterday, I got out by myself for a breakfast meet-up with mom's who have children with similar diseases to Max. They all fall under a category called Organic Acidemias. Two of the mom's live here in Colorado, and we've meant to get together all summer, and one lives in South Dakota, here on business.

We chatted and laughed and gabbed for a couple of hours. It was great! We talked about our kids, and there was so little explaining. Even amongst friends with special needs kids, Max's disease is so rare that there is explaining that has to be done to new friends. Heck...even to family there is explaining to be done every time.

So to sit down and start rambling about our kids medicine, and formula, and blood levels, and just knowing immediately, it was so comforting. Plus they are all quality people...and we had a great time.

Towards the end of our meeting though, one of the moms says, okay let's see the pictures. I was totally taken aback. I only had one measly photo of Max on my cell phone, and one of Abbey. In my lame defense, I usually have more on my ipod touch, but this was the first time ever that I was with people who would want to see Max, that I didn't have a picture of him. Not because I usually carry photos around of him...but because he is ALWAYS with me.

I thought it was crazy that I didn't have a picture of him, but then's crazy that this is the first time I've done an outing like this. I understand that mom's get out and have their "girl's nights", they may talk about their kids and have fun just the same. The closest I've come to that was a movie and dinner with a friend...who already knows Max inside and out...his old occupational therapist!!

I hope it is the first of many visits together...and next time...I'll remember the photos...or maybe I'll just bring MAX!!! ;)

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