Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I haven't updated on Max in a while. And I have a good reason for that...really I do.

I've been sleeping.

All night.

Every night.

For almost TWO WEEKS!

The new medicine, clonidine, I spoke of a couple of posts back is the magic sleeping drug for Max. We get him in bed, give him his regular night-time meds...and his melatonin. And let him sleep what he will until we go to bed. Then we give him the clonidine.

The first week he was still waking a couple of times for a diaper change. But sleeping really solidly in between his waking. And Steve and I consistently felt like we had been hit by trucks in the morning. Like stumbling out of bed crazed people in the mornings. We finally figured it was because we hadn't slept in ALMOST 6 YEARS!!

This week, he goes to sleep, then I give him his medicine at his first wake-up (around 11:30pm), and then he sleeps until about 6:00am, waking only for a diaper change, then back to sleep until 8:30am!

I don't even know what to do with myself! It is so nice. I am just hoping I'm not jinxing it by writing about it! I somehow think we're finally on to something though!

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zingimaster said...

happy for you and steve that you get to sleep finally through the night. hugs.