Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The new wedge...

Last week I saw an email from another parent looking to get rid of some equipment that her daughter no longer needed. A nearly new car-seat, and a wedge for therapy.

We drove an hour north to get the equipment, because combined, it is over $1,000 of equipment and months of waiting for insurance or medicaid to deny or approve!

The car-seat is just the one we have wanted to order, but being $800 and not something that is being approved lately, we were really excited to get it! I washed the cover, and it's drying now. It's bigger than his current seat, and lighter. The current seat is multi-seating device that we will be able to bring into the house for him to have a good place to sit while we try to get him back eating. (Which is a whole other post...why he's stopped eating by mouth.)

The wedge will allow him to lay on his belly while working with his arms. Something that is extremely difficult for him to coordinate. It will also make him work on his neck muscles. All of those actions will strengthen his muscles, allowing him to use them in other situations, like rolling, and sitting up.

Here are a few pictures of his new wedge. When I get him in the carseat, I'll add those pictures.

Here's his first reaction to the wedge...to sleep.


And here's a shot of his poor little socks...this happens at least once a week. Just call him bigfoot.

He eventually woke up and decided he'd try it out.

To encourage him to keep playing, I put his favorite noisy toy down.

(By the way...if anyone ever sees this toy by playskool in a store again, please let me know! It is the best toy for him! One big button to push...and makes lots of noise and spinning.)

After the music stopped, he told me he wanted "more".

So I told him he could start it again, and away he went.

He played for a few more minutes...until is binky made it's way back into his mouth...
then it was game over!

I would like to point out...#1 his fluffy ducky hair. If I could figure out how to keep it at this length always I would! And #2 he is still using a binky...don't know if/when we'll ever get rid of that stinky thing!

And here's the car seat...not with Max in it!
always the chair hog

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