Friday, March 27, 2009

CNA training

I've been away from my blogs for several weeks now, because I have been more busy than usual. The time I once had to unwind by writing has been taken up with a class to become a certified nursing assistant for Max.

Colorado has a program with Medicaid that allows a parent to be their child's CNA and be paid for the services a CNA does. It is nearly over, just two more weeks left. Then I have 120 days to take the tests. A 70 question written test, that I have to get an 80% or higher to pass, and a 5 skill test (out of the 24 skills we've learned), in 25 minutes, without missing any steps.

The classes are jammed packed with information, bookwork, memorization, and non-stop interaction with people. I think that's been the most exhausting part to me.

I have lived the past 5 years in such a quiet world. Most days I don't see anyone but my husband and son. And for the most part, I'm okay with that. So everyday being around 12 other people who all talk at the same time is like overload!

I'm read to be through with the whole program so I can just "get to work", and maybe focus on finding more ways to get around people more often so I don't get overwhelmed when I'm in a group!


Makenzies Miracle said...

Hey, My name is Pam. I have a 3 year old with quad CP because of a choking injury. I also live in CO. I have been a CNA for my daughter for about 7 months and it is great!! Don't swea t the test! I am sure you know someone that has taken it but if you have any questions.... ask away!! My email is: My daughters blog is at:

HeatherS said...

Hey there!

I am also Samantha's CNA. You will do great on the test...I agree with Pam!

I'm employed with Pasco and they have been fabulous. It's such a good program.