Wednesday, August 21, 2019

10th Grade

This old blog just isn't what it used to be.  I used to update often about all of Max's news, but last year he didn't want to be online.  And that's is, after-all, his life story.  But, I am going to sneak in here and give an update on first day of school and if he'll let me, I might be able to update more.  He's doing really well, and we're really just in a routine of living life with our now TENTH GRADER!!!

A reminder of grades 1-9.

 And now, Grade 10.  He's such a funny guy, and so sharp. He wanted to wear his dad's t-shirt for his first day of school.  And wanted to write his sign on blue paper and red marker. 

He wants to know if his new teacher can get his friends at school say "hello", and wants to know what her favorite holiday is.  He also wants to know if she drives a fast car!

His biggest interests right now are listening to The Beatles, and fastest fast cars. It's been a terribly hot summer, but he's enjoying going on evening strolls when it's cooler. 

He's hoping for a great school-year and of course we want that for him too. Here he goes...Sophomore Max.

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