Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week 3...

Week three of treatment for Max's acne fulminans was pretty uneventful.  He told us nearly daily that he was hurting and we were trying to help keep him comfortable with repositioning him.  It's always in his joints and he didn't want to sit in his wheelchair for school or therapy.  He hasn't been lasting all the way through school yet, but hopefully we can get him back to being able to handle it before too long.

His skin continues to look clearer, and he wasn't sweating as much.  But we have noticed more nodules (under his skin layers) showing up.  We're hoping the acne treatment will help stop those eventually.

We still need to get the x-ray done for Rheumatology to see how his bones and joints have handled this.  It can cause pain and swelling in the joints and bones.  We will hopefully get that done on Friday while we're at the hospital for his Dermatology appointment.  We hope to start the steroid wean this weekend too, but will be weaning it carefully as we are also slowly starting the isotretinoin so he doesn't have a flare up.

I will take a picture at the end of the week of week four and update more after his appointment with Dermatology. 

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