Sunday, June 26, 2016

Smelling the roses...

Max's GREAT Uncle Andy is here doing some work, and has been staying with us.  Max has been thrilled to have him here to visit with.

Today Uncle Andy and Daddy worked together on a great project to give Max more freedom outside of his house. 

They made a ramp to get him out in the back garden.  Max very rarely gets to go out to see his yard because of the steps out of the house.  He loves flowers and we often tell him all the things happening in the yard, but know it can't mean much to him without being able to experience himself. 

Today, they were able to get him out there! And he loves it!

It was a hot day, but they were able to crank it out pretty quickly working together. 

It isn't attached to the house, so we'll be able to move it out of the way to put on the side yard if we need.  And they made it out of the Trex wood, so we don't have to stain it over the years.  

Once the sun ducked behind the mountains, it cooled enough to get Max out.   

George had no idea what was going on.  I don't know that he and Max have ever been in the back yard together, and George thought it was alright to have his boy out playing with him. 

We sat down and enjoyed the nice evening breeze.  But soon it was time to smell the roses!  Max has chosen several of these rose bushes for me through the years and I always have to bring them in to him. Tonight he got to see them for himself.   Steve rubbed the flowers and plants on his hand then let him smell it. 

Following is pure joy....he reminds me every day to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the little things in life. 

Thank you Uncle Andy and Daddy for giving Max the world in his back yard!


ferfischer said...

Love this! This looks exactly like our ramps (except I have to stain them boooo)! Being in the backyard together looks amazing. Every time I see pictures I am amazed that he is not a little boy anymore but a young man. He looks so grown up.

Elizabeth said...

That is terrific!

Junior said...

what an awesome ramp and I love seeing those huge smiles. Wow is Max looking grown up.