Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016... emergency surgeries, no seizures, no hospitalizations.  I'm calling it a winner of a year in Max's books!

Although I wasn't so great about updates online, it was a good year for Max.  He finished elementary school, and started middle school.  He's continued in his love of Batman, music, yellow, officers, minions, being outside, and added a couple new things...zombies, snakes, and TURTLES!  Max is most interested in BIG snakes, and baby turtles.

2015 was a year of huge turnover for Max.  He got new doctors, new therapists, new nurses and new teachers. He's been so great with the transitions.  Much better than his momma has handled it.

As a family, there were certainly more happy moments than sad.  But as it sometimes works out, the sad can cloud the happy.  Max has done well with expressing his emotions when it comes to feeling sad about his Nonni passing away, and missing the people he loves.

Our new year's eve was quiet and spent together at home.  We're going to set some goals for more fun, and more adventures this year.  2016 is going to be a great year.  Thank you for following along.

BatMax watching the sun set on New Year's Day from his van.  Looking towards a great new year. 

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