Monday, August 4, 2014

Park Surprise...

We got Max out for a little impromptu picnic at his favorite park last night.  He had been inside all day since it was a little on the warm side.  Once the sun started to settle behind the mountains, we took him to his park to have tacos.  Although Max is 100% g-tube fed, he likes to tell us what we're eating.  And it's usually tacos or pizza he'll choose.

The weather was perfect, and we found a bench in the shade to have our picnic.  Max ate while we ate our tacos.  And this fisherman asked us to watch his fishing pole and keys while he waded into the pond (non-swimming pond) to get his expensive lure.  It was an entertaining start to our time at the park.

He tore his shirt off and just went in.  He then went back to his car and completely stripped down and changed his clothes.  Once he took his keys back we headed around to the other side of the park. 

He's behind the reeds and his bright green shirt.  In a major city park, like we were out in the country!

Once we made our escape from the stripping fisherman, we followed our ears...or rather, Max's ears. We thought there was music coming from the boathouse on the other side of the pond, but once we got around there, we noticed it wasn't the dj at the boathouse, but a live concert of bagpipers a bit further in the park.

It was the Denver & District Pipe Band.  Max was thrilled to get to hear bagpipes in his favorite park. We watched them practice their marching for a bit, then followed them over to the stage where Max got to dance along to a few more songs before we had to head home to meet his nurse for the night.  

And he danced, and danced, and danced!

It was such a special treat!  Hopefully he won't always expect bagpipes in the park when we go!  

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Elizabeth said...

That's awesome--such a special glad Max had so much fun.