Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day of Tests...

Max had a few tests under anesthesia today.  Because he moves so much, and can't control his movements, we have to do relatively small things like GI scopes and MRI's with him completely asleep with a breathing tube inserted.  Today was a couple of GI scopes, to see what might be bothering his tummy since March, and a routine MRI.

We were really surprised when we arrived and got checked in that one of the best nurses in the hospital came in to set Max's IV.  To say he's the best is not just an opinion of me and Steve, it's the opinion of most doctors and nurses too.  We usually only see him when Max is terribly sick and he's our last shot at getting a line put in.  In fact, one of the last times we saw him, he was on Max's bed setting an iv in the back of his knee on the way down to the ICU, while I was in the tiny kid toilet getting sick all over the place when we both had stomach flu.

Today when he walked in he said "OH WOW HE GOT BIG!!!"  It's always a treat to get to see doctors and nurses that usually only see Max at his worst, when he's really at his best.  We still don't know why he was called in to set the iv, but he kept to his reputation and got it first stick with no fussing from Max.

Always best to make sure everyone knows he's Batman at these things.

See, no big deal guys!  He even got a superhero glove so he could punch all he wanted. 

Everyone was ready on time today, thanks in large part to the hours of phone calls I made since March coordinating everything.  You would be amazed at the amount of time that goes into making sure everyone is on the same page.  It's not as easy as "look in his file" the day of.  I called Anesthesia to have them talk to Metabolic, and Neurology for the GI procedures.  GI talked with Neurology to coordinate for the MRI after the scopes.  I talked to all of them to make sure I knew our job with getting Max the food, fluids, and medicines he needed before the quick 2 hours under anesthesia.

Soon it was time to go back.  This was the first time we didn't go back into the OR with him.  

They had us come back for him to wake up with us by him.  They gave him propofol for the MRI and said it should have worn off by the time we got back there.  The thing was he woke up 4 hours too early to get to the hospital so early in the morning.  So, he was just taking a snooze! 

Steve finally was able to start waking him up and we got fluid into him to prove he was not going to be sick in order to be discharged. 

About an hour after we got back with him, we were on our way home.   He is still asleep four hours later.  I have not yet fallen asleep, although I feel like I could at any moment!  

The tests will come back next week for GI, and we see his Neurologist next week to see if anything new is on the MRI.  I don't expect anything too significant on either.  It's just summer time, which unfortunately for Max means we jam in as many doctor appointments and procedures under anesthesia as possible.  Hopefully he won't have any more this summer and he can just enjoy the sunshine and being able to get out in it more.

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Elizabeth said...

You're one amazing mama, and so is your son. Here's to nothing surprising coming out of these tests except easy answers!