Monday, May 26, 2014

Goodbye 4th Grade...

We are still picking up the little odds and ends and putting our house together since construction.  But, last week we had a milestone, and those must always been noted here.

On Friday, Max finished 4th grade with his friends and is moving on to 5th grade!

This is how he started the year...
Happy to start 4th grade

My thought and plan was to get a photo of him in front of the school for his last day, but it was a little chaotic and I forgot.  I tried to get one of him as we were leaving but he was a flurry of excitement, so they're all blurry.

Much bigger, but still wearing Batman!

He took his name stamp to sign all his friends' memory books, and they all made a special picture for Max.  They gave words to describe Max, and his teacher made it into a Batman sign.  They all signed it on the back.

Marvelous Max

Now, we're going to get busy enjoying our break!

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Unknown said...

what a great idea! love the sign!