Saturday, April 5, 2014

Expressive Max...

Max has been busy at work on his art and music this week.  And it's good, because he's had a lot of things to get off his chest.  We started Max on the testosterone injections this week.  Since his body will no longer be able to produce this essential hormone anymore, he will be on supplementation for the rest of his life.  It is something we're all treading a little lightly towards because no one knows how it is going to effect him; neither metabolically nor with his epilepsy.

The one thing we all know about hormones is it can be quite a ride of emotions.  This has certainly been the case with Max this week.  He's up, and down, and all over the place with his emotions.  But, it was a good week to have his expressive therapies because he let it all hang out with music and art.

Max played his guitar while Ms. Laura played hers.  She tuned Max's guitar to be in the key of C all the time, so all he has to do is strum.  I held it for him and helped him strum. 

Daddy came up for lunch and joined in by letting Max strum with his feet.  

Max was holding on to his tool he uses to help him write.  We found another use for it during music, as a way for him to strum and slide along the strings for another sound on the guitar.

I can't seem to get the recording of his latest song to load tonight, so I'll have to get it in another version and try again soon.  I think we may have enough songs for a new cd pretty soon.  He's always so particular about what he wants to play each week, and it's awesome to see him create.  

This was no exception for art this week too.  He wanted to paint BIG paintings this week.  We picked up some canvases for him to paint whatever he had in mind.  Ms. Molly gave him a big paintbrush and let him choose his colors.  He soon tossed the paintbrush aside and dipped his fingers in and a masterpiece was made. 

He ditched the paint brush and chose several shades of yellow.  For his second painting, he wanted purple.  Only we didn't know right away that's what he wanted.  We thought he would like a rainbow because he told us a lot of colors; purple, red, blue, and yellow.  He got his point across though, when he would only paint with purple, then red, then blue - and mixed them all together for different shades of purple.  At the end of the painting, he saved one little area to sign his painting with yellow.  

He was satisfied with his masterpieces when he was all done.  I asked him if I could have one and he told me I could buy it from him.  Like I've said...the boy knows what he wants!  

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