Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Outgrowing everything...

Last year we got a specialized wheelchair seat made for Max at the Aspen Seating Clinic.  We've since gone back a couple of times to have the seat grown as Max has put on weight and grown in height.

Yesterday, we went back to have the seat grown again.  Instead we had to have the whole thing remolded for a new seat.  Aspen has a wonderful warranty which allows for resizing and even remaking the seat if it's outgrown in 3 years.  We were told Max was the first to need that benefit inside of a year of having the seat made due to outgrowing it.

Max was around 54 pounds when he was fitted for the seat February last year.  He weighs 92 pounds today. He definitely needs some more room in his chair!  We got a new mold made and will hopefully have the new seat in a couple of weeks.

Last February took two people to sit Max up to capture the mold.
This February took four people to sit him up to capture the mold.

We have been meeting with contractors this week to get quotes for the lift and modifications we'll have to do to Max's living areas.  When they were measuring Max's new chair width, he asked if we already had 36" door widths.  We said we're working on it, and he nodded.  He told us Max's chair is getting wider with him getting wider and soon enough we'll have to have the doors wider if we want to get him through the door.  Yeah....we're working on it.

In other news, Max totally rocked it today with answering questions in school.  He got a record breaking 12 stickers!  He's really working for his reward this week...movie two in the Star Wars collection!


Elizabeth said...

Forty plus pounds? What are you feeding that guy? Wow!

Deana said...

Feeding him food, not cans of formula! That and a year out of the hospital actually does a body good as it turns out. Maybe all that failure to thrive business was because he was always in the hospital!