Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reading with Max...

I've mentioned about the difficult time we've had this year with Max being able to connect with his class over the internet.  It's been so frustrating for his teacher and classmates, as they are always so excited to get to visit with Max.  And of course, Max loves talking with them too.

I had an idea this past week to ask on the school facebook page if parents would mind calling Max over facetime or skype to have his classmates read to him from home.  The response was great, and within a few hours we had a lot lined up.

This Saturday, Max got to talk with two classmates.  The first, he hasn't had class with since second grade.  She was always a great classmate and friend to Max, but when they're not in the same class it's hard to keep up when he only sees them over the computer.

When he woke up Saturday morning I asked if he knew who he got to talk to on the computer and he smiled and said "I-uh!"  (Which is his way of saying his friend's name...which I won't post here for her privacy)

We got all set up and called her.  She read Max her favorite book, LuLu and the Brontosaurus.  She read, and sang to Max for half an hour.  She'll pick back up later this week.  He loved every minute of it.

And that evening, one of his current classmates read a Halloween book, Scaredy Cat Splat to him.  She had wanted to read it to him for his birthday, but because the connection at school has been so glitchy, she wasn't able to.  He loved it too!  Then they showed each other their Christmas trees, and ALL the decorations!

He'll visit with a few more friends this week, and over the weekend too.  I was able to get a few photos of all he was saying with his computer.  But, he did not want us in the picture or talking while he was listening.  He told me at one point I was embarrassing him...cheeky!


He paid very close attention to his readers!

They are great to describe every little thing on the page since he can't see as well. 

And of course, he had to tell us what he thought about it.  

He thought the books were funny. 

And thanked them for reading to him. 

When we asked if he liked to read with his friends when they are at home he had this to say. 

It was easy...and I'm glad we've found an easy fix to him missing his friends so much!

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