Friday, December 13, 2013

Max and his family need your help

[Warning...this is an audacious you believe?]

Friends near and far, we've hit an inflection point. In 10 years time, Max's family been able to meet most of Max's needs through personal means and insurance coverage. They are now at a point that exceeds their ability to meets his needs.

Max has experienced tremendous growth this past year. He has doubled his weight and had a 30% height change over the past year. His growth has caused sore muscles and challenging times for his parents.

They are in urgent need for some help.

His father has injured his back and right shoulder moving Max. The shoulder injuries could end up requiring surgery if they cannot minimize the lifts. His mother still tries to move him but Max is now 72% of her weight. With his current weight trajectories, he will weigh more than she does by late Spring.

We are conducting an audacious fundraiser to raise funds to cover the adaptations they will need for their home. The estimated cost that will prepare them for the next 10 years is $100,000. This will cover a complete remodel of Max's bathroom, an overhead ceiling track system to move Max safely through the house, wheelchair ramps to safely move him in and out of the house, weekly therapies and monthly medicines not covered by insurance, and cover some lingering medical debt the family has not been able to clear over the last 10 years.

Do you think if we worked together, we could find 10,000 people to give $10 each to meet this need?

If Max's family and friends would help promote this message on social media and in their communities, we think this would be a simple thing to achieve by the end of the year.

This would only be possible with your help by reaching our social networks.

Would you be willing to help us get the message out?

If we can get one media outlet, one celebrity, one person with lots of followers to post the story, it will catch fire. Please take your liberty and spread this message as far as you can imagine.

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