Monday, June 10, 2013


This was Max's first visit to water.  It was at the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.


This was Max's visit to the water this weekend.  It is in the cold waters of Bear Creek in Morrison, Colorado.


Both times he's transfixed by the sound and feel of the water.  Both times he's held by his Dad-Dad.  Both times I caught a moment, a beautiful moment that just happens to include a seizure.

Max has been dealing with seizures still.  Another day of rescue medicines, and another increase of all his medicine.  He's growing so quickly, I think we're just playing catch up.   In between the really rough days, with seizures, he's having really good days too.

This weekend was a good weekend.  We got to get out and see some lovely things our area before the heat wave hit!

We have a membership to the Botanic Gardens.  Max enjoys going for walks, just to get outside.  The gardens offers lots of areas to explore and is so beautiful.  They have a sensory garden with plants at the level of people in wheelchairs.  We tell Max it's "his garden".   And we usually start at this part of the gardens.



We saw lots of beautiful flowers, as the sun went down.


Batman came along for the ride.


We're hoping to find some rest tonight, and hoping that tomorrow the seizures have gone away.  We need the seizures to go away so we can enjoy more fun.



Gwennie said...

Beautiful place! I'm so glad there are places like this for our boy.

KD said...

I love your blogs Deana! You are really an amazing Mom.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sending you lots of love and strength as you deal with the increase in seizures. May Max find ease from them --

These photos are so beautiful, despite everything. I really love the one with the light shining down --

Deana said...

He's had a wonderful day today...another bump in medicine and a full night of sleep.

Thia said...

I now associate Batman with Max. In Wal Mart the other day I happened to see Batman duct tape and I thought of Max and I prayed for Max.
I hope the meds catch up to his growth soon so you guys can have a good summer!