Thursday, May 30, 2013

Still Yellow...

Max has a new speech therapist who started this week.  He had a rare day of being very alert and awake when she started this week, so she got to see him at his best.  I'm glad that's her first introduction to Max, since with all the seizure days he's been having, he has a lot more sleepy days lately.

When Miss J. asked him what he would like to tell the new therapist, he went strait to the most important thing she should know about Max.


Yes, the thing everyone should know about Max...his color is yellow.   She's remembered that, so I think they'll get on just fine.   He also told her about his "income"...quite a lot.  His work, his music, his income.  I think he had money on the mind.  He said my income.  Baby A.

He was telling a story in those few words about how he turned a profit yet again on his goods he bought from Mini-Society night.  He didn't want all the girly things that were purchased, so naturally, he sold them to his cousin Baby A.  (He calls her Baby A in his talker...she is nearly 5! But since she started as Baby A, he calls her that still.)

They worked out some deals and she got away with some sweet stuff.  Using mini-society money.  In the end, she only had enough money for one bookmark.  She chose the book mark that cost less, and then went to bargain with Max for the other one to see if he would take less money for it.


She asked and told us all he said yes...which he had not yet.  But he laughed and then said yes.  He enjoyed telling Miss B and Miss J this story about his income!

And Baby A enjoyed all her goodies and the special hugs she got from Max after their dealings.

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