Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Work, My Play, My Music...

Max participated in his 3rd grade Mini-Society, as an end of year project with his class.  They chose a name, a product to make, and sell.  Max chose early on to make a CD with music he made himself.  Max's love for music comes out once again in these 9 songs.  He chose to put 9 songs on his first CD, because he is 9 years old.

You can purchase Max's CD at While you can preview all of the songs, please consider purchasing one or all of the songs if you enjoy them.  Max and his music therapist, Laura, worked very hard at making this music, and we would appreciate your support to help pay for further music therapy session.  All of the money from the purchase of the CD goes straight into The Maximilian M. Watson Special Needs Trust.  Also, by purchasing the full album, you get lots of extras, like videos and pictures that won't be published on his blog.

If you want an actual CD, you can purchase that as well on the bandcamp page.  If you would like to contribute to Max's music fund, but don't want to download music, you can simply go to his contribute page. 

Music gives Max an outlet that nothing else does.  Thank you for investing in that part of his life.

As for the songs and the name of the CD, here is an explanation to each. 

He named this CD using his computer to talk.  I think it very succinctly describes his efforts.

My Work
My Play
My Music

Track 1 "Chromatic Max", performed and composed by Max, accompanied by Laura Ganguli. 

Max was given the choice of making a "happy" Major note song, or a "spooky" Minor note song.  For this one, he chose "spooky".  Max played the whole song by using his head to play the notes on his keyboard.  Laura added the cello with Garage Band. 

Track 2 "Max's Melody", performed by Laura Ganguli, composed by Max.

This is the only song on the CD which Max did not perform.  He wrote this song by tapping out the notes with his toes on the keyboard.  Steve and Laura wrote down every note he played, and how long he hung on the note.  Laura put this together, but it is is a perfect interpretation of the music that is in his heart, and their special relationship, that this is what she hears when he plays his music.

Track 3 "Jazzy Max", performed and composed by Max.

When he was choosing his job for Mini-Society, he told us with his talker computer he wanted to be a Jazz Singer, as his job.  This song was composed shortly after that.  He chose the beat, and played it out with his head on the keyboard.  You'll be able to hear him sing "Oh whoa, yeah" a couple of times.

Track 4 "Sleeping Dragon", performed and composed by Max, accompanied by Laura Ganguli.

For St. Patrick's Day, Max wanted to play bagpipes.  Thank goodness for the iPad, as we do not have bagpipes at our disposal for him to play.  Laura brought a metallophone for Max to play with the mallets.  The bagpipes in the distance are being played by Laura on the iPad, and the snoring...well that's the dragon sleeping to the lullaby Max and Laura are playing for him.

Track 5 "Opera", performed and composed by Max.

Max played this song with the backs of his hands, while laying on his stomach.  We were trying to encourage him to sing like an opera singer, which is the whispering you can hear in the background.  Instead, he gave us a theatrical opera performance on his keyboard.

Track 6 "Rock and Roll", performed and composed by Max, chord help from Laura Ganguli.

Max felt like a little bit of rock and roll for this song.  He used the electric guitar and after he tuned up a bit, really lets it rip. This song gives me an image of Max tuning up his guitar looking out over the ocean...Surfer Max.

Max's two classmates came over for a jam session and recorded a few songs for Max's cd.  They decided the best name for their group was The Three Rockers.

Track 7 "The Three Rockers -Part 1", performed by Max on keys, Zach on electric guitar, and Cade on percussion.  Big Sis blasting the cow-bell.

Track 8 "The Three Rockers - Part 2",  performed by Max on keys, Zach on bells, and Cade on electric guitar.  Big Sis still blasting the cow-bell. 

This one reminded me of a music factory, claps of percussion, bells, keyboards, and guitar. 

Track 9 "The Three Rockers - Part 3", performed by Max on keys, Zach on bells, Cade on electric guitar.  Oh yes, and Big Sis giving us more cow-bell. 

Max set the beat on this song, and everyone joined in, their big performance.

For the songs with The Three Rockers, Max was having a pretty rough day with seizures, which led to needing medicine which makes him very sleepy.  All afternoon long he slept, until his friends arrived to play music.  They played and he rested in between recordings, but for each song, he performed alongside his friends.  Just three buddies making music.

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I can't wait to order and am so happy to contribute in some small way to Max's continued music therapy! It's midnight here, or close to it, though, so I'll be back tomorrow!