Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goodbye 3rd grade...

The last day of school always comes with much excitement and fanfare, and a touch of sadness for me. I'm always so happy to see all Max has accomplished in the school-year, but wish we didn't have to say goodbye to his teacher.

Max's teachers have been real heros in our books.  Each year he's been with just the right teacher, helping him grow, and encouraging real friendships with his classmates.

This year was no different.  His classroom teacher was just amazing.  We feel very honored that she took such great care in being Max's teacher, even though he couldn't be in the classroom every day.

On the last day of school, we took Max up to sign year books and beach balls with his friends.  It's always so much fun for him to say goodbye for the summer to his teachers and friends.  He loves to be graduating to the next grade with everyone.


His principal was a rockstar autograph giver!

And here Max is with his most favorite 3rd grade teacher ever!

This is the face of a Fourth Grader!

We ended school with a picnic dinner at the park, meeting up with Max's aunt, uncle and cousin.  It was a beautiful ending to a great school-year.  Now for a little bit of summer before summer school starts in a couple of weeks!  Oh that's right....Max has been approved for extended school year, so he gets school through the summer part time!  It's great so he doesn't get off schedule, and can continue to learn, but still get to play too.

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