Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fun Run...

Today was a fun day for Max, at least, a fun morning.

It has been a couple of weeks in the making, and we weren't sure if the weather was going to hold out in the end, but Max got to go up to school and spend some time with his friends for their "Fun Run."

Steve had a meeting this morning, so I was on my own to get Max up to his school in time for his class to run.  Getting Max ready and out the door takes a couple of hours.  By the time I got him out of the house to get into his van, we found it was raining.

Oh well...I was not going to turn around after the whole rigamarole of getting him ready, and into his chair and out of the house.  So, off we went up to his school.

Not only was there planning on our end, but the school once again made special accommodations for Max.  On days when a lot of parents come up to watch their kids, parking is hard to come by...especially handicap parking with a spot for his wheelchair lift.  His teacher and principal marked off one of the parking spaces for Max's van, which made it incredibly easy to unload him and get him with his class for their lap around the building.  Their run was cut short due to the rain, but they were ready to take the final lap with Max.

Max's teacher took his chair and off they went...cheering and chanting along the way.  Max joined in repeating after his teacher as she lead them.


As they ended their run, they piled into the gymnasium along with the rest of his grade to do a little partying and dancing.

Max danced in his chair a little, and sang along.  He loved all the commotion!  Once the party was over, they lined up and went back to their classroom.  


And instead of joining by video chat this morning, Max was able to listen to read-aloud with his classmates in the classroom this morning.  It looks like he's far away from the group, but that was by Momma's design....there were a few coughers in the group so we had to keep a little distance.  


After reading time, we stopped for a visit with his special ed. teacher, and a stop in at the office to pick up his year book.  Then back home in time for music therapy and school with his homebound teacher.  

This afternoon, Max is a little tired, and sporting a runny nose from all the excitement...hoping the runny nose is just allergies.  I'm glad we faced the weather to get Max to his classmates for this fun run!


Unknown said...

So cool! Love his dancing!

Unknown said...

So cool! Love his dancing!

Unknown said...

Max's presence made the Fun Run so much more fun!! Thank you for spending the time and effort to bring Max to school! It was a special day!