Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snowy April...

It's been a full couple of weeks around here.  Just as we saw spring popping up, we get slammed with a couple of spring snowstorms!

Last week, school was canceled for a blizzard, which turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.  In fact, it was so light of of storm that we walked over to Max's dental the "blizzard".  Good thing his new dentist is in the neighborhood.  He has privileges at Children's, so he'll be the one to see Max in the office, as well as do any work/cleaning on him.  Which is great!  Max was the only kid in his office while we were there.  That never happens at the Children's clinic!

His teeth are in really good shape, and he said he doesn't need a cleaning under anesthesia for another year.  We just need to come in if we see anything alarming, or if he's losing a lot of teeth.

Max has also been hard at work at something VERY special.  But, it's too soon to reveal too much about it.  Just know it's going to be awesome!
IMG_3398 (1)

On our break between snow storms, we were able to go to the Botanic Gardens and see the few little flowers that have come out so far.
IMG_8931 (1)

The greenhouse jungle had a lot more to see...even though it was steeeeeamy in there!
IMG_8941 (1)

IMG_8936 (1)


Max never gets to experience this climate in real it was interesting to take him through it.  I think he was happy to walk back out into the cool after the few minutes we were in there!

Then the snow came.  And it has us feeling a bit cooped up, but George loves it!
IMG_3428 (1)

The swings of weather gave Max a pretty rough couple of days with seizures.  It's crazy how the weather affects his seizure activity.  Last night, I could only get him calmed if I had my legs draped over his legs.  He kept wrapping his arms around mine.  It was like he just felt insecure with all the shaking and needed one of us holding him, telling him we were there.
IMG_3441 (1)

We ended up giving him a dose of his rescue medicine, which is also used for extreme agitation.  Once he had that he went to sleep and slept all night.  We woke up this morning to more snow, so I guess he felt the weather coming in.

We're hoping for nicer weather the rest of the week.  It's time to start playing outside!

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