Friday, December 28, 2012

Taking A Break...

We've been doing a whole lot of this...


(Max watching opera with his pup, while Olive hogs the warm bed in front of the fire.

There will be time to unload the many pictures from Christmas festivities, and I'll get there.  But, for now, we're just relaxing and enjoying the break!


star_lover28 said...

Love this break!! You deserve more of them!!

Deana said...

It's nice to take a break from the busy times! But, we'll be ready for school to start back up too!

Elizabeth said...

I'm intrigued that Max watches opera -- is it the music?

Deana said...

It is most definitely the music. He'll cry at the sad bits, laugh at the funny bits, scream at the intense bits, and be absolutely still at the suspenceful bits. And it doesn't matter at all which language it's in...he just knows. His all time favorite is Pavarotti, and prefers the comedies in opera. (He named his dog, Monster George Pavarotti)

About 5 years ago, we noticed that he got quiet when we turned the radio to the NPR station playing the live broadcast from The Met.

It was The Barber of Seville. He listened to it all without fussing, and we went straight to Best Buy to get him a "Best of" opera set because we knew little to nothing about opera music. We play opera to calm him, and to get him to wake up when he's feeling extra sleepy (like today), and we've learned an awful lot about operas since! We are doing the trial of the Met's opera on demand feature to see if he would like to watch the operas as much as he enjoys listening to them on Saturdays while we drive around doing errands. (Every Saturday afternoon, live from the Met plays on NPR classical station, and we're sure to have it on through the season)

We have made great friends with Opera Colorado, and they have put on a few shows for him to enjoy. On his 5th birthday, they had singers from all over the country call and sing him an opera happy birthday. (Which still brings tears to my eyes today thinking about) The Metropolitan Opera sent him a care package full of dvds and books and best wishes after his gtube surgery once they heard of his love of opera.

He's attended several opera specials I've written about.

He got to attend one opera live:

Then two years they've performed at Children's in the large atrium where Max, and all the kids and doctors can enjoy it.

He even had a special opera song written and performed for him with the songs of love foundation.

Elizabeth said...

I'm entranced by this -- and amazed at how Max showed you. The power of music is astonishing -- I feel inspired to re-explore music for Sophie.