Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Max's hands...

When Max is at his most relaxed, we see his hands open up.  When he was a baby, he wore splints to keep his balled up fists open and more relaxed.  He would, by choice, or by inability to fight it, get out of the splints and his little hands would be bound up in little fists again.

In the last few years, I have noticed Max's hands opening up.  He's able to bring them together to relax himself, he can stretch his fingers out to strum the guitar in music therapy, and when he's most relaxed, at complete peace, we see this.


I wonder what he's meditating on?


Elizabeth said...

That's such a gorgeous juxtaposition. I think you told me once that Max, like my Sophie, sits in a cross-legged position, like a yogi. I find Sophie's hands gentle and spare and not unlike Max's in that photo, too.

Deana said...

They are our little yogis, full of much deeper thoughts than we can fathom, I'm sure.