Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Like This Book...

Max has been using his talker a lot this week.  Yesterday, he was visiting quite a bit with his classmate about the books she was reading to him.  And, then again with his home-teacher.

He watches and listens carefully to his classmates reading to him, and he will express his opinions about the books they read.  I think he liked the book she was reading yesterday. Something about a big bad wolf that cooks dinner for chickens to make them fat.


I had him hooked up with his talker, and he had a lot to say!

Did you catch that?  


Here it is again, only shorter.  

We're working on his conversations with his classmates and teachers.  He's doing alright, it's been a learning curve for all of us to do it over video.  The kids are ready for an answer to questions right away, and when he does answer, or ask them something they don't always hear him.  So, I repeat it for them.  

Today I was trying to get him to tell his teacher Happy Thanksgiving, but he just wanted to tell her, "I'm not up for this right now".  In his defense, he did stay up a lot of the night, and had a very heavy head during read-aloud.  Maybe by Christmas he'll feel like sending his holiday greetings.   For now, I'll even take the "I'm not up for this right now", if that's what he's thinking!

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