Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little catch-up...

I've started a blog here for the past few days, but then get distracted, or Max has another hour of school, or therapy to do and I end up closing the page at the end of the night, committed to write a blog the next day.

We're definitely in the busy season around here.  We're wrapping up doctor visits, before cold and flu season hits.  We are soaking up the last rays of warm sunshine before the snow comes, and all the leaves fall to the ground.

Max is excited for his birthday next week, and so are we!  He will be 9 years old next Wednesday, on Halloween!

All that to say...we are still here...just keeping busy outside of the computer screen!

I'll leave you with a photo of Max in front of the colorful bushes the other day on our walk.  He didn't want to look up in the camera, because of the sunlight.

His cousin in Oklahoma sent him an awesome letter and picture she colored for him for Halloween.

Max is back to eating his blended food instead of that stinky formula.  He's so excited to eat his fruits and veggies, and will be choosing his birthday dinner and dessert soon I hope.  So far, he's just told me "I'm not up for this right now" when I ask.

Speaking of using his computer to talk, he's really been practicing with his talker for school.  School is finally getting into a groove, and he'll be using it more and more with his classmates in the upcoming weeks.  He just finished The Mouse And The Motorcycle with his class last week over video chats.  The other day he was really REALLY ready to read and for his teacher to call.

(His tummy was acting a little rumbly, so he told me his stomach was hurting, then he wanted to play on the computer to call his class.)

(Thankfully they called soon after this!)

I'll have a lot more to update next week, when it's Max's birthday week!!  Or maybe before.  Now I am going to fall exhausted into bed!

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