Thursday, September 13, 2012

Music and School...

Cousin Addie was still visiting while Max had music and school on Wednesday, so she was excited to get to do the same things Max did!

She woke up too early on a rainy cool morning, and quickly found herself on the sofa with Aunty's "hole cover".  
She loves to stick her fingers and toes in this throw my mom made!

Max didn't want a blanket, but he was not thrilled to be up and for Barney to be on.


He woke up soon enough and we did a few things around the house before it was time for music.

Addie was so excited, and Max was showing off so much!

The photos and videos are a little shaky because I was holding Max while trying to video and take pictures!  But, it was a great time.


Max showed Addie his preferred way to play the guitar with Mrs. Laura.  With his feet.

And they played a little duet of strumming with their toes.

Max was loving the strumming, but the singing along is the part that cracks me up on this one.  He rarely sings along in therapy.  We're constantly telling him to SING along, and he'll barely whisper.  I think he was showing Addie how it's done.

Addie chose the harmonica to play along to Max's strumming.  This girl got after the harmonica!  She's got soul!

Next, it was time for school.  Addie had a hard time being quiet, so she got a whiteboard to do her school work on. 

She wrote her name:

And worked on sight words.  Max's teacher asked Addie if she could find the word she was holding up in the sentence. Addie pointed right to it!

Addie got tired of sitting still and being in 3rd grade, so she went to watch cartoons.  

It was fun for Max to have cousin around to see what big kids like him get to do.  She loves her big cousin so much.  Every time he would get an answer right in school she would lean over and kiss his arm and say "Good job Max!  You got it!!"  He would smile, and show off a little more.  They're good for each other. 


Elizabeth said...

So, so sweet. I loved watching the videos -- it made me miss music therapy.

Thia said...

I don't blame Max one bit for feeling that way about mornings and Barney! Glad he had a good day.

Madame Angela Baggett said...

loved hearing about the relationship of Max and Addy. So cute how she cheers him on and how he likes to strut his stuff with her. Beautiful.