Saturday, September 29, 2012

Full Friday...

It was a Fun Friday, that turned into a Freaky Friday.

Max got to visit with his classmates for the first time this year over FaceTime yesterday.  He was so excited, it was very difficult to get a clear picture of him!  They read "Seriously, Cinderella Is So Annoying!"  His teacher had a "rockstar" helper hold the iPad and point it at her and the kids as they talked.  I think they all enjoyed being a part of the action!

(Paying very close attention)

(It was a funny book, for both the girls and boys.)


(Here's the swaying boy in action, he was so excited!)

(He paid really close attention still.)

When reading time was over, and he said good-bye to his class, I asked him what he thought about it.

He told me it was "quiet".  I think we'll have to get an external speaker for my computer.

And "small".  I don't know how to make FaceTime full screen on my computer, but I'm going to try to make it bigger so he can see better.

He then told me his teacher was "nice", and went to scanning his auto-prediction words and turned it into nicety.

And he told me his friends were "AWESOME"!

All in all, it was a great first visit.  Monday they start reading The Mouse and The of my childhood favorites!  I've already downloaded it to the iPad!

From there, we had a pretty uneventful afternoon, until about 4:00pm.  I don't know what exactly flipped for Max, but his nose started bothering him, and he started sneezing his head off.  I went to give him a bath, and noticed his G-J tube was turned.  Because it is into his intestines, it isn't supposed to turn, as it could coil out of his intestines and into his stomach, or all the way out.  I turned it back, but then he cried...and cried...and cried for hours!

His nose continued to bother him, and he continued to cry, so we had to take him to the Emergency Room at about 10:00pm.  We went in for an X-ray to make sure the tube was in place...but very long story of a very long evening cut short...they couldn't see because he was full of gas (big surprise, he'd been crying for four hours straight)...and wanted to run another test with contrast, and possibly admit him for the weekend until the radiologist was back in to replace it.

photo (44)

At this point (1:45am), Max was fast asleep and had stopped crying.  After seeing that much gas on the xray, I was sure that was what was bothering him.  Plus we had just increased a couple of his medicines that can cause stomach discomfort.  So we opted to just go home, and bring him back if he started crying with eating.


We got home at 3:00am, started his food, and we all slept until this morning...with none of us crying.

Now, we're headed to the park.  We're going to let the last minutes of September sunshine brush over us.


Unknown said...

So happy that he loves school! I can't get enough of hearing what he says with his talker!

I am sorry the day ended with a hospital trip...I am glad it truly ended at the park!

Junior said...

Max looks like you are having lots of fun with school. So sorry that you had a tummy ache and glad you didn't have to stay at the hospital. Have fun at the park.