Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today's work.

He and his teacher worked on things that start with the letter "M", like Max.  He answered yes or no for everything she showed him.

Max's speech therapist spent extra time this afternoon putting in lots of choices into his talker so he would have plenty of choices to do his homework.



Once again, Max made all the choices with his "talker" computer.  It took another hour to get this one made up, and his little hand was on the pencil and crayon and markers for every bit of it.  

He chose the colors of hair, and only after suggesting Daddy has green hair twice, did he relent and say that it was brown.  And as for his favorite animal, his first choice was "Abbey".  He thought he was pretty clever with that but I reminded him that his sister is not an animal...even if she is his favorite.   And lastly, his favorite singer, was first choice, Mrs. Laura, his music therapist.  I suggested he add some singers his classmates might know, so he said opera, and I suggested Pavarotti, and Jack Johnson is his favorite "kids" music, with the Curious George soundtrack.

His humor and personality always come across in his school-work!


ferfischer said...

Such cheeky answers! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

Again, I'm so impressed by his abilities to communicate and by your school's use of technology!

Bravo, Max!

Deana said...

Max uses two step scanning with switches positioned at this elbows. He steps through the choices with his left elbow, and chooses with his right elbow. He gets private speech therapy twice a week, which is how he's gotten so far with the device!

I'm not always so great to hook him up when I understand what so many of his vocalizations mean. We have an iPad, but because he can't really point, or swipe purposefully, we get to use the big devices!

Deana said...

Jenny, He said that Abbey was his favorite animal with such a straight face. Then said it again two more times. He never cracked a smile or laughed, until she was done "telling him off" and went back to her homework.