Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Batman Choice...

Max had a very important task to do today in Speech Therapy.

He's been a little sleepy through therapy and school this week, so I was hoping he would be up to the task.


Max had to choose his Halloween costume today!  Since it's also his birthday on Halloween, we always have a fun party.  He's already let us know he wants to be Batman, so there will be plenty of Bat-things around, but I need to know does he want to be BLUE Batman, or BLACK Batman.


Enters his talker, and very patient Speech therapist, Miss Kristen.  She asked him about 20 times to tell us, and he kept scrolling back and forth, until he settled on......


BLACK Batman.

We finally got him to answer between black and blue when his therapist had to hide all the other colors.  He was insisting on a...wait for it...YELLOW Batman costume.  That is not available.  And besides, the Dark Knight wouldn't be so covert in a bright yellow suit!

So, he got to color a Batman in the colors he wished he could have for his suit.  He chose the colors with his computer for the whole picture.


A yellow shirt, gloves, and boots.  Orange legs and bat symbols.  Red mask and cape.  And blue eyes, just like his own.

Now, I just have to find him the right costume!  Thankfully there are plenty of Batman things out right now, so I'm not having to get too creative!


Junior said...

awesome Max, I love your batman.

Thia said...

I like his batman too. It made me think of something I've seen on Pintrest. Supposedly, if you send a picture of your child's drawing (and pay for it, I'm sure), they'll make a stuffed animal of what your child drew.