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Flat Max - Australia

Flat Max's Awesome Aussie Adventures...with our friends Elizabeth, Keneti, Liz, Mia, Kady, Zoe!  They wanted Flat Max to visit, so printed a copy for their own adventure.  If you would like to take Flat Max on an adventure, you can also print off your own following this link.

Day 1: with much anticipation Max arrived here on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. We introduced ourselves, Keneti, Liz, Mia, Kady, Zoe and our two cats,Malu (Keneti named him after the NFL player, Troy Pollumalu) and Simba. Our first adventure was to a spot we like to take our all of our overseas guests, Burleigh Heads beach. We settled into a great little spot accompanied by the girl's grandparents, Chris & Ann. It was a perfect Queensland day with warm sunshine and clear skies. Flat Max enjoyed a great Aussie tradition of fish & chips at the beach. Fish & Chips come wrapped in paper and are best eaten with tomato sauce (ketchup). As we watched the surfers catch some awesome waves the sun began to set over Burleigh...and what a gorgeous sunset it was. The sky was charged with gorgeous shades of pink, purple and orange. 
Flat Max joined Zoe for lunch and cartoons...Zoe had Vegemite on rice
Thank you so much for hanging out with us Flat Max!

Note 09-05-2012
We all headed home filled with
fish, chips, fresh air....and sleepy heads.
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Flat Max 
& Malu

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Flat Max & Simba

6Note 09-05-2012

Kady & Flat Max

Day 2
Flat Max caught sight of his first Aussie school, Mudgeeraba State School.
Mudgeeraba State is nestled amongst beautiful gum trees and other native
Australian plants, like the bottlebrush. This is where Mia & Kady go to school. Mia
is 7 and she's in grade 2. Kady is 5 and in Prep. After introducing Flat Max to
Kady's teacher she suggested that he come along to their farm excursion the
next day. With much excitement about the prospect of a trip to the farm, Max
and I (Liz) headed off to the supermarket to find some Aussie treats. At
Woolworths we picked up some Natural Confectionary Company Jellies, which
are what we call call them candy. We also got a packet of another
Aussie icon, Tim Tams. Tim Tams are what you would call a cookie, covered in
chocolate. We call cookies, 'biscuits.' Flat Max thought we would pass on the
Vegemite :)

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crackers :)
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Day 3
Today is farm trip day! Kady can hardly contain her excitement!

10Note 09-05-2012

Getting on the bus

11Note 09-05-2012

Flat Max on the bus

12Note 09-05-2012
Feeding the pigs

13Note 09-05-2012

14Note 09-05-2012

Checking out the guinea pigs

The day at the farm was so exhausting, Kady fell asleep on the bus on the way
home! There were so many animals to see, pet and feed. They also made damper,
which is like bread. The kids also enjoyed rounding up the sheep.
After a big day at the farm we headed off to Mia's netball training. Netball is a
sport that is a bit like basketball, except a player cannot run with the ball or
bounce the ball. The ball is passed up and down the court.
Mia's age group plays on a grass court. When they are older they will play on a
regular court.

15Note 09-05-2012
Netball training

16Note 09-05-2012
Day 4
With rainbow lorikeets flying overhead, Flat Max and Mia headed off for today's
adventure, a day in Mia's class (2H)
17Note 09-05-2012

Mia says: 'First I introduced Flat Max to Ms. Hodge and the class and
then we got straight to work. We did poems about the beach. After
morning tea Flat Max went to 'Thinkers Group' with me. We split up
into groups and did some brain challenges. At lunch time Flat Max watched me
on the monkey bars and the flying fox. After lunch we worked on things for
Mother's Day. It was lots of fun having Flat Max with me today.'

18Note 09-05-2012

19Note 09-05-2012

Zoe hanging out in Mia's classroom

20Note 09-05-2012

relaxing in the shade of the old gum tree and checking out his sticker from Ms. Hodge

21Note 09-05-2012
inside the classroom

Who knows where your adventures will take you next!
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