Friday, May 18, 2012


When friends have asked in the past what is the hardest part about our lives with Max, I say one of two things.

It's the isolation so much of the year, due to not being able to be around crowds, and germs.


Not getting to go out with Steve very often.

Since last August, Steve and I have been out together five times.

That's about once every two months for the past 9 months.   We're very appreciative to everyone who has given us the time away, but these times are just so few and far between.  There are a lot of reasons why it's worked out this way.  No one is to just is, what it is.

Tonight we got out for a full five hour respite time.  As we drove to dinner, Steve and I were exchanging yawns.  

Then through dinner, we yawned some more.

We popped into a few stores and more yawning.

I wasn't tired necessarily, just a couple months of not being alone with my better half was coming out in the form of a huge yawn...relax...yawn...relax....yawn............r.e.l.a.x.

And then it was 8:00, and time to head home to get Max into bed, and give him his medicine.

We've been working hard to set up some more respite times through the summer, when we're not so worried about germs visiting our house.  Maybe we'll be able to go out without looking like we're the most bored couple in existence, and make it through dinner without yawning the entire time.


Shachi said...

Hubby and I rarely step out by ourselves....even though we have many offers for babysitting, we are yet to avail any. But it's much more stressful for you than us, so it's that much more important as well :). Happy that you got this much needed respite!

Lauren said...

I sure miss my Max dates. Now it seems like he grows a whole foot between visits!

Deana said...

It was a very nice break Shachi!

Lauren, he misses you too!!!