Monday, April 23, 2012

Standing Ovation...

Max has a new favorite way to stand up.


It takes me a few minutes to get his boots on.  Then another five to ten to get him all positioned and straps put in place.  Then I stand him up, turn on his opera dvd, and feed him.



We try to see how long he can make it, each time trying to make it "one more song!".  Yesterday he made it five songs.  Finishing with his favorite Pavarotti!

Standing is so good for his muscles and bone growth.  But also, it plays a huge role on his digestion...or rather the gravity helps do the work he has trouble with while sitting all day.  Sometimes the standing times are cut short due to needing a little wardrobe adjusting.  Quite simply put...standing helps him poo.  And in this house, that's very important...we're always on Max's poo watch.  And when it's so effortless because of the stander doing so much of the work to hold him up, it's easier for all of us!

Also, I can not believe how tall all these kidlings are getting.

(Steve caught us all a little off on this photo, but it's the only one that came out.)

And then there's this...Oh George.


Stay tuned tomorrow...or the next day...or whenever I have another five minutes to write a blog post...for more musings by Max with his new talker.  He's come up with some doozies!

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Jackie said...

Yay Max! Standing and Opera is such an awesome combination!