Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Buggy Field Trip

There are times when I need to get out with Max by myself.  Usually when Steve's out of town and Max has a doctor appointment.  Or if Steve is out of town and we want to get out of the house for a trip to the store.

But, I will often just forgo non-necessary appointments, or engagements if I am on my own, because of all the extra work it involves.  To get out of the house, it usually takes Steve, Abbey and myself to get everything to the van, dogs put in their beds, Max into the van, and strapped in.  Then there is the driving, which I don't mind, but if Max needs something, I have to pull over and tend to him.  And the parking.  Although Steve can parallel park the 'Big-Big' better than most compact cars, if there isn't a spot for me, I keep on driving until I find one...even if it's a block away.

Today, Steve is out of town.  He gets back in a few hours from a quick trip to California that was scheduled last minute.  We didn't have anything pressing, so it wasn't a big hardship for him to be gone for a couple of days.  But, today, Max had an appointment that I wanted him to go to.

He and his class are learning about insects right now.  He can tell us that an insect has 6 legs, 3 body parts, name off the body parts, and talk about the life cycle of the butterfly.  The entire second grade is putting on a performance tomorrow complete with song and dance, all about different types of insects.  Max is going to miss the field-trip to the Butterfly Pavilion with his class because the MRI was rescheduled for the same day.  So, today, Max and I went to school to see the rehearsal of "Goin' Buggy".

We got there a few minutes into their practice, and Max sat quietly for the rest of it, about 30 minutes.

All of his friends from this year and last year were waving to him, and smiling.  I tried to point out all the kids I could remember.

He especially liked the singing and dancing.

But this song was his favorite, about the busy bees.

I wonder what caught his eye?  The yellow and black shirts, or one of his sweet friends from last year and this year?

He also liked all the scuffling on and off stage, and the teachers giving directions.

After the performance was over, we went to his classroom with his teacher, where she gave Max his mealworms.

He got to visit with a few friends as the bell rang, and then we went over to see his other teachers in the SSN room.  They were all excited to see him, and he was surprised to see his home teacher at school!  He got to visit with his first grade teacher, who is always so pleased to see him.  And even got to visit with the Principal.  Every one of them commented on how big he's getting.  And Max didn't raise a fuss once.  Which I was halfway expecting him to do since it was so blazing hot today!

We visited for about another 30 minutes, then Max and I reversed the trip and headed back home.  It definitely would have been easier to do some things around the house after Max had Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and video school this morning.  But, I'm so glad we made the trip to school today.  I only got teary once while the kids were performing, feeling a little heartsick that he couldn't be at school all the time, playing with friends all day every day.  But, I am thankful for the opportunities like today that help me remember just how very special of a school Max's elementary school is.

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Shachi said...

Fun-tastic! He is truly growing tall...I saw the pics with his therapist and boy! what a huge growth. It's amazing!