Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today, Max met his new home-bound teacher.  I could tell he was upset in the beginning; we've been starting to talk about his current teacher, who he loves, going on "vacation", and he will get a new teacher.  After years of teaching, his current teacher is going to be able to take her retirement, and they've found her replacement, who I think will get on fabulously with Max.  She had him interacting with her by the end of school-time by teaching him how to make a sign for her name by moving his body.

He's been doing great in school lately, and I'm trying to get some of the times captured by video so I can show you just how smart he is!  He showed off to his new teacher by counting from 0-9 by odd numbers, including hitting the 6 by mistake and going all the way through to get 7 before he finished back at 9.

He's also learning about insects now, and made his own version of the parts of an insect by choosing the colors with his Dynavox and putting the insect together.

photo (10)

That is a colorful bug!!

He also had a moment of panic when his teacher was going to show him a beetle bug she had brought.  He told he through tears with his Dynavox computer, "No Way, No Way - All Done - I don't like this - Good-bye!".  Once she put it away he was feeling much better about watching the bug from afar.  We'll see how he likes insects as the unit moves on.  He likes worms from the garden, and the big tarantula at the Butterfly Pavilion, so not sure why he didn't want to see the beetle today.  Either way, I'm glad he could tell us he didn't want it out, and eventually told his teacher to take it home with her.

He ended their time together giving Mrs. J. the gift he picked out for her.  He chose a glass bulb with yellow flowers and green stems.  He liked to make the connection that his favorite color is yellow, and her favorite color is green.  He was proud of his selection for her.

As they were leaving, he said "I Love You", and I think he meant it for both of them.  He does love to learn, and he's quick to understand that those who teach him are worthy of his love.


CSIAmanda said...

awwww it is hard saying good bye but glad that the new teacher seems to get along well with max

i look forward to seeing these videos I would love to see max showing off

Lauren said...

Oh Max, I would want to put that beetle away, too! I would much rather spend time with the nice insect you made!