Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding Fun...

As the Winter months seem to be dragging on forever, we usually get a few nice warm days to remind us that Spring is just around the corner.  It's enough to coax us outside, and gets us excited about getting out without worrying about the cough or sneeze pointed our direction.

But, since it is still cold and flu season, we are still cautious even on the most lovely of days with getting Max out.  We're just so stir crazy, and also running low on ideas of places to go that are exciting and not too crowded.

Enter, the garden nursery.

The flowers and plants aren't ready to be planted yet here in Colorado, but seeds can be soon in our basement under grow lights, so we thought it was a fun idea to go see what seeds we would like to plant this year.  Without many flowers and plants to catch Max's attention visually, we tried one of his other senses to keep him interested.

We would pick up plants that were soft, or prickly, or squishy for him to touch.  He liked the moss best, I'm sure he would have loved to put his toes in it!

We found a few plants that had very fragrant flowers for him to smell.  We came home with two of them because he had such a fun reaction to them.

When we put this Gardenia plant close to him to smell it, he closed his eyes, then started giggling.  We took it back and asked if he wanted to smell it again, and he gave us his sign for "more".  He giggled again when we put it close to him, so we got it to go.  It is a very fragrant flower!

photo (6)

We walked up and down every aisle and got a plan of how we want to do our garden this year.  We're going to be doing a lot of flowers, and Max got to pick out a couple of seed packets, including yellow sunflowers.

On one of the last aisles, we found these beauties.  Finally, a yellow flower for him to enjoy!
photo (7)

We'll likely be going back a few more times before we plant our garden, but it was a great first trip for the season.  And a reminder that spring is just around the corner!

And, just because this was one of the highlights of my weekend, here is a fabulous video of Max dancing to the opera he was listening to this weekend as we were out and about.  It's no secret that Max is crazy for opera, and during opera season, we try to catch as many live performances online and on the radio as we can.  This week was Aida, by the Metropolitan Opera in New York, via NPR.


Junior said...

Very cool flowers Max and I loved seeing you dance.

Thia said...

Gardenias are lovely. My great grandmother always had a bush or two in the house. It was exciting to wait for them to bloom. I'm glad Max likes them!