Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love You...

Valentine's Day was this week.

Max started the day with cuddles for Momma and Dad-Dad.  He visited with his class and told them "Happy Valentine's Day", and let them all know he wanted chocolate!

He told us "I Love You" with his Dynavox computer.  And opened some sweet Valentine cards from friends and family.

He got one from Nonni, and lots of kisses passed on from family far away who wanted to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day.

A very special Valentine from his sweet friend, from first grade.  She's not in his class this year, but continues to send him special notes when he's not feeling well, and always makes her mom stop the car when they see us walking about the neighborhood.

(See the monkey - Curious George, and the opera singer...and of course a big yellow heart!)

Roses are Red
Heart Crayons are Yellow
Happy Valentine's Day
To a Great Fellow!

He was so happy to get it!  He picked out a special Valentine for her that went with the ones he signed for his classmates too.

Then he gave me the card he and his teacher worked on together.

And today we got the Valentine's from his classmates and teacher.

He is certainly loved, every day.


Junior said...

Happy Valentines Day Max, looks like you had fun and got lots of cool cards.

Shachi said...