Monday, February 6, 2012

Flat Max - Oklahoma, Part 2

Flat Max hung around Oklahoma for a while to make sure he got to visit all of Momma's HUGE family.  It takes a long time to make all the rounds, so good thing Nonni scanned a copy of him before sending him on to his next adventure.  That way he got to see everyone.

He visited Momma's dad's side of the family for Christmas.  That is, Max's Pop's side of the family.  

He saw his Uncle Willie. 
Flat Max122411 001

And silly Uncle Josh.
Flat Max122411 002

Great-Grandpa Yandell sure looks proud holding his boy. 
Flat Max122411 004

Great Uncle Tom, and Great-great Uncle Albert. 
Flat Max122411 005

Great-Aunt Rebecca.
Flat Max122411 008

Lovely Cousin Lucy...
Flat Max122411 010

Great-Aunt Phyllis
Flat Max122411 013

Aunty Brenna was so happy to see him!
Flat Max122411 014

Great Aunt Sheryl got to show him around her house. 
Flat Max122411 015

There's his Pops!  
Flat Max122411 017

And a little bit blurry, but he found a hug from Great-grandma Yandell too.

What a treat to have been passed around to all of his family for the holidays.  Maybe we'll have to start sending flat copies of all of us home for the holidays so we can be with them all each year.  


Ggma Yandell said...

We were so thrilled to see Flat Max. He would have enjoyed all of the family noise and joy. We would like to have Flat Max and family visit us again. Maybe we could be more creative in taking him various places as some of his friends have. Thanks Deana for the creative writing! Happy Days to Max and George. Maybe George could be included next time. GGma Yandell

Deana said...

Grandma, look at the bottom of Flat Max's chair...George is there with him. He's just so dark, he blends in a bit! Im sure Flat Max would love to go fishing with Grandpa once the weather warms up! Hopefully real Max will get to come for a visit this spring or summer too!