Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flat Max - Edinburgh, Scotland

Flat Max has been traveling around a lot, but as the stories of his adventures are a bit out of order coming in, we'll share them as we get them.  The next journey we have is from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Flat Max made the long flight over to see our friends The Petticrews in Edinburgh.  Our friend, James showed him a good time!  I wonder if Flat Max got very cold?

James made a wonderful book for Max to enjoy.  We've read it through several times for him.  He has his favorite parts.  See if you can tell which they are.

This one is quite long, because I have scanned and am posting the book that James made for Max.


Thanks to the Petticrews for showing Flat Max around their part of the world!


CSIAmanda said...

this is awesome what and awesome book..

cool harry potter trivia.

I would love to show George Ottawa Ontario Canada in the spring is there a way i can.
you can contact me on facebook Amanda St. Dennis with info or email

Shachi said...

how lovely! Can he visit Vijay n I in Folsom :)?

Deana said...

If you would like to take Flat Max for an adventure, check out this page, where you can print off a copy of Flat Max and send him the adventure!

Ggma Yandell said...

Your friends the Pettigrews were so creative to take Max and George on the very interesting and informative trip around Scotland. Their creativety and time taken is exceptional.mmThanks to them and you for sharing the book and pictures with us. Love!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful book! Flat Max got a very comprehensive tour, lucky little guy. He looks perfect in a kilt!!

Junior said...

oh I totally love this, awesome pics