Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Mystery...

The past few days have been loud.  Sometimes when Max gets out of the hospital, he needs and wants his body to get back to normal more quickly than it is ready to.  This gets him so very frustrated, resulting in what can only be called melt-downs of epic proportions.

Steve and I have had to divy up responsibilities with Max, because there are so very many.  Some things he can handle better than I can.  Blood and staying up all night...all him.  Poop and crying...all me.  I don't know why or how it doesn't bother me, but I can just sort of tune it out.  I don't ignore Max, and I do try to comfort him, but I know he's not "throwing a fit"or just doing it to be bratty.  Max is one of the sweetest most mild mannered kids I've ever known, so when he gets into crying jags, I know something is just wrong.

It turned out to be good timing that Abbey and Steve had a weekend trip planned this weekend, because Max needed to just cry it out.  It's not necessarily a pleasant sound to listen to high-pitched screaming and crying for hours on end, but Max does this sometimes.  Especially after intense hospital stays.

He's not hurting, he's not sick, he's not tired, he's just out of sorts.

It could be his medicine has been all whacky the past couple of weeks.  It could be over stimulation from the hospital.  It could be he's overly tired.  It could be he's slept so much that he's bored.  It could be those teeth that have to break through like a newborn because his gums close back up after losing teeth.  It could be gas...we already know he has a slow bowels and a lot of gas.  It could be that he's sad.  It could be that he's frustrated.

It could be any of those things, or something else altogether.  I don't know.  I can't figure it out, and he usually gets through it before I need to figure it out.  He's sleeping soundly through the night.  If he was hurting, or sick, he would not sleep.  He's back to eating his normal amount of food, at the rate he usually eats it with no vomiting or gagging.  If the food was bothering him, it would come back up, or out or I could smell it on his breath.  There's none of that.  He usually keeps his eyes semi-opened if his head is hurting, and besides when he's crying, his bright blue eyes are wide open.  I can move all of his extremities without discomfort.  I can brush his teeth without objection.  He's doing all of his potty business with ease.

It is just a crying mystery.  But, one he'll likely just have to get through.  I'll rock him, and play with him, and try to comfort him through it all.  And hopefully it passes soon enough.  Because it is an impossible thing for a Momma's heart to not know what's wrong with her child, and certainly to not know how to make it all better.  Sometimes a cuddle and a kiss is all I can offer, and just hope it's enough.

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Shachi said...

I can completely relate to how a mom feels when her baby cries. Our girl is the same....she is usually just happy and content, so when she cries, something is just wrong. With Max, its so much harder for you to figure out what is bothering him. Hope this settles down soon.