Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Sweet Fundraiser for Monster Max...

When Max was just one year old, and in the PICU with the possibility of a tracheostomy very real, I read online a parent's quote about her special needs son.  Blogs were not all that common back 7 years ago, but there were a few.  To paraphrase the quote: "We started out wanted to teach our son about the world; we ended up teaching the world about our son.".

I've thought of that quote so many times through the years with Max.  I often will find myself without words at how far-reaching his story is.  As checks come in from all corners of the planet to buy our guy a special buddy.  As prayers and cards come into his hospital room from friends and family, and friends of friends, and family of family.  I sit amazed.

He sits in his chair, in his cozy rooms in our house, because germs don't allow him to get out much.  But, he enters into each of your homes, and offices, and thoughts daily, because you come to him.  It's incredible.

We sat amazed once again at this phenomenon of Max touching the lives of those who have never met him when a friend of ours contacted us about a couple of her friends that have fallen in love with Max.  They own a catering business called Prissy B's Catering, and wanted to hold a holiday fundraiser for Max.  They are donating all of their baked goods, and all proceeds from the sales will go towards Max's trust to pay for the many things not covered by insurance.

If you are in the Detroit area, they are holding an open house for Monster Max where they will be selling their yummies, and taking orders.  If you are interested, I will send you the address in a message, so as to not put their personal address online.

If you are not in the Detroit area, they have put up an online order form that you can fill out and email to them at prissybcaters@hotmail.com.  They will ship items that are non-perishable.  No cheesecakes will be shipped.  And they need 48 hours notice for orders.

And they are the real deal too.  Just check these lovelies out!

I mean seriously, don't you want one of everything?!

Thanks to Tammy and Jessica of Prissy B's Catering!!  We are truly grateful.

This is the online order form:

Online Order Form

Fill it out and email it to:


And if you are on Facebook, you can "like" their page here:


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