Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Max's Robot Van...

A couple of months ago, I looked up the lift we've been wanting to get for Max's van on Craigslist.org.  I found one in Portland, OR,  but thought it was a scam posting.  It was only listed for $50, and it's multiple thousands of dollars new.

Steve happened to be going to Oregon for work that week, so he set up a time to see the lift and ended up purchasing it from a family who no longer needed it, as they got a new van with a new lift in it.  He took it to be shipped to us, and a friend helped deliver it from the freight company to our house while Steve was still traveling for work.

This same friend worked with the company to get it installed in Max's van for us.  We've been blown away at the generosity of friends, family, and complete strangers this month.  This was all taken care of for us, with little to no effort on our part.

What we're left with is a van, with a lift, and a boy who thinks his robot van is the COOLEST!

We can now roll him straight out of the house, down his ramp and let his robot do the rest of the work to get him in his van.  We don't know what to do with ourselves and not hefting Max and his chair in and out of the van all the time now!


The chains on the bar attach to some webbing straps with rings attached to his chair.  We push a button and up he goes!


Once he's in the van, we can strap him down to the floor, and he's as safe as if he's in a seat in the van.  This is going to make it possible for me to get out with him by myself now!  Something we haven't been able to do in a long time!  We're so excited about it, and happy for Max to have a little more freedom. 

Thank you to the group of men who made this possible.  We may never know who all you are, but we are eternally grateful for your generosity. 


Thia said...

That is just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool. Great to see this dream come true for you all.