Thursday, October 20, 2011

George requests...

It's been a wild and crazy week around here!  Therapy, and scheduling doctor appointments, and IEP meetings...OH MY!!!  But, I've had requests for more GEORGE!

Here he is, waiting for a treat.  He's sitting like such a good boy!

George has found he can fit just as well on Max's lap as anyone else's.

He thinks it's pretty comfy there.

And Olive and George have been getting along, for the most part.  George likes to take a running leap at her while she's sleeping just to liven the old girl up.

Here they both are smelling the sunshine.

and taking up our huge sofa!

Gretchen asked in the last post how we came up with George's name.  For those that don't know, Max is CrAzY for Curious George.  When we've asked him if he got a puppy, what would he name it, the answer has always been George.  Once we saw George, we knew he needed a full name, so Monster George Pavarotti was given.  Monster, because every monster boy needs a monster dog.  George for Curious George.  And Pavarotti because surely he will love opera as much as Max does.  And will very likely get to enjoy a few operas in his life.

Once the wild week slows down, hopefully we'll get out to the park to play and see all the beautiful changing colors before all the leaves blow off of the trees!


Gwennie said...

YAY! We're grateful for the Monster fix :) Both of them.

Gretchen said...

Hi Deana! Well I think the name George is just perfect and funny even if you don't know the story, but hearing the story it all does make sense. Love it! Cute how certain Max was that "George" would be his dog's name.