Monday, October 31, 2011

8 years...

My Dear Max,

The sky is bright orange this early morning on your 8th birthday.  The day you were born, it was overcast and starting to sleet, or snow.  I think it's going to be a warm day today.  The sun is rising like a great pumpkin over the horizon. You're learning about weather in school right now, so I can tell you all of these things and you understand them.

The room we're in is quiet except for music playing, today, as it was the day you were born.  I've got the same socks on I wore that day 8 years ago.  You might think that's stinky to wear the same socks for 8 years, but they're special socks.  They're your birthday socks, so I only wear them once a year.

On October 30th, 8 years ago, you sent me to the hospital to meet you.  It took you 26 hours to keep your end of the deal.  On October 30th this year, we came to the hospital because you're not feeling well.  You've got a little cold, but that sometimes means you get really sick, so your doctors wanted to see you in person and make sure you're okay.

Besides 8 years ago, on the day you were born, we've never been in the hospital on your birthday.  We've spent Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and the 4th of July in the hospital, but not your birthday.  It made Momma pretty sad to have to be here for your birthday today.

This is the first year you've been really, REALLY excited for your birthday.  You've been talking about it for months.  We were going to have a party with your favorite people, and you were going to go Trick-or-Treating with Sissy. You've been excited to wear your Woody Yellow Cowboy shirt to show your classmates this morning for their Halloween parade.  You're sleeping so hard right now, I think we'll have to miss the parade at school.  And we'll have to party later, since we don't want to give your fever to anyone else.

The doctors say that we might get to go home and celebrate by later this afternoon.  But, just like 8 years ago, you'll let us know when you're ready.  And like 8 years ago, we'll be waiting for you.  And thrilled that you're here, and ours.  We will hold you and kiss you just like we did when we first met you.  And we'll say, "Look at our Monster Max, born on Halloween!  He's EIGHT YEARS OLD TODAY!!!".  And we'll have a great celebration, just us, just like 8 years ago.

It's not how we imagined your birthday would be today, but you're surrounded by people who have helped us make it 8 years.  And I guess that's pretty special too.