Friday, September 2, 2011

News from Max...

Hi Everyone!

My Mom has been slacking with updating, I think she's been busy. She likes to tell everyone how busy the past couple of weeks have been. It seems alright to me, though! School has started, which means I'm not so bored!

Since school started, something else really cool has happened for me. . . MY SISTER IS HERE!!!! I love my sister SOOOO MUCH, and I'm SOOO EXCITED that she is here living with me all the time now! We are having a lot of fun. Mostly, we like to be silly together, and to snuggle.

She got here just in time for her birthday. I haven't got to celebrate my sister's birthday with her since she was 6. I was just a baby then, so I don't really remember it. I'm glad we got to have a party this time so I can remember it! She's 13 now! She might be older than me, but only a little bit taller. . . I think I'll catch up soon!

This weekend we got to go to the mountains. It was hot at my house, so we went up one hour into the mountains and found out it's A LOT colder up there. I wonder why my mom and dad don't just buy us a house up there too?

It was so chilly, I loved it! Everyone else thought it was cold, it was 42 degrees. But I wanted the windows open so I could feel the cold wind, and listen to the rain falling!


I did get too cold after a while, so my mom held me with my monkey cover. That helped me warm up enough to go down the rest of the way.


If you come see me here in Colorado, maybe we could go there for a visit. It's really fun to go up high in the mountains, because it can make you feel dizzy and make you laugh a lot! My mom and dad think it's just really pretty.


Finally, my week started and ended with school. My teacher who comes to the house is new this year, so we are trying to figure each other out. Right now, I try to trick her, which my mom always tells her about. I think maybe she should just let me get away with it!

This was my first assignment in school. I wrote out a long sentence about frogs. We read a book about frogs, and listened to a song about frogs too. I got to pick out five funny frogs to go on top of my sentence.

I also did homework with my friends during skype school. They have a lot of fun chatting with me, and I love to visit with them too. Maybe we're all too excited because we just want to talk and look at ourselves on the computer the whole time. Our teacher is good about helping us remember to pay attention though.

Well, I think that's all that is going on with me. I guess mom is right, we have been busy! Now we get to have a fun weekend of playing, then I have Monday and Tuesday off of school!


Rachel said...

Wow! Sounds exciting! Eloise and I are looking at your pictures and I'm telling her about your school. She keeps pointing and saying "Max!" and "What's this?". Eloise drew round her hands at nursery yesterday and said "Eloise drawing too" when she saw your writing!
Glad life is busy with nice things. We miss you. xx

Shachi said...

Loved what Rachel said "Glad life is busy with nice things.".

Deana said...

Yes, busy with nice things is very good! :)

We miss you too, Rachel...and Eloise! I hope Max and Eloise have a time to play together some day soon!

Leanne Stewart said...

Max, you totally made me smile with your list of things your like and your five frogs!

Amanda Jaksha said...