Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Maxolantern strikes again...

I brush Max's teeth every morning. Some mornings he's more cooperative than others. I've noticed for the past month or so that he's had loose teeth on either side of his top front teeth.

After last year's horrible teeth pulling experience, which set off seizures that landed us a trip to the ER, and a ramping of seizure medicines, I've been pretty nervous for these teeth to come out.

It's been my plan to just let them fall out. Only, we can't just let them fall out, because he could swallow them and they could go down the right way, since Max takes so little in by mouth. Every night, I clean Max's teeth with a cloth. I wipe down front, back, and all the sides. This way I get a good feel for his teeth, and they're still getting cleaned. Last night when I went to clean his teeth, the very loose tooth gave way. Only, not all the way, so it was hanging there enough that I had to pull it. Icky ick ick ick!

Abbey loves to pull her own teeth, and has been itching to get Max's. She was at the ready to help me, but I was able to get it without too much trauma to Max...or me. When he stopped crying, we all chuckled at his new Maxolantern grin.

It was his bedtime last night when the tooth came out, and he wasn't too thrilled with me messing with his mouth anymore, so I didn't get any pictures of it that turned out last night. I did take the camera and put it by his bed, because Max often wakes up with a grin and likes to sing good morning songs when he wakes up.




Now that's a great smile!

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