Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello, thank-you, good-bye...

Max has been using his Dynavox computer a lot this week to talk. This morning, he would NOT use it during therapy. He held his arms close to his body, and wouldn't hit the switches, until it was time to say "All Done, Good-bye" to his therapist at the end of therapy.

This afternoon, he was excited to get to meet his new home teacher. Of course, as soon as she got here, Max needed attention and transfers out of his chair. Once I got him cleaned up, and back in his chair, he was ready to chat.

He had a lot to say with his voice while she and I visited. But, he also tried a lot harder with his Dynavox computer, too. He's so excited for school to start back up, and I think was happy to be talking about school, and all he learned last year.

We got to show his new teacher some of the great projects he worked on last year, like his book report, and plant life cycle book. And he remembered some of his words and colors...yellow especially. He said, "hello, thank you, and good-bye", he was a very polite Max the whole time!

He'll be starting next week with the rest of his class, over Skype on Monday, and with his new home teacher on Tuesday. It will be a bit yet before we know the exact days/times of his times with the class and times with his teacher, but it's nice, so incredible to know that he's not forgotten. That everyone on his school team remembers him, and makes sure that he's getting to do as much as he can, just like the rest of his friends at school.

And, once she left, I put Max down out of his chair for a little rolling time. He rolled, but just to the one side where he promptly closed his eyes and took himself an hour and a half nap.


I guess all the excitement caught up with him.


Junior said...

way to go Max, love to hear about your talking. have a fun school year, I look forward to hear about your learning adventures.

Pascal Robin Photography said...

We looked yesterday for Max's name and sadly we will have to continue to get his blogs and updates because Gracie isn't in his class :-(

Deana said...

Aw nuts! Hope she has a great year!