Monday, June 27, 2011

Uneventful days...Eventful nights...

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day, until it wasn't.

At the evening shift change, Max spiked a fever. Meaning he went from a normal body temperature, to a high fever in a short amount of time. The fever came down well enough with medicine, and cool cloths on his head. But left us all frustrated and not understanding what was going on.

We had been told all day that he would go home on Monday. With a fever, that wasn't going to happen. We watched him through the night, and he didn't have any more fevers, just heavy sweats from his seizure medicine changing from IV to oral. This happens every time he's on the IV form in the hospital. He finally started to sleep when I got in the bed with him.

When the surgical team rounded this morning, that's just where they found me. Tucked up behind Max both of us trying to sleep. They were still confused, and it was more of not knowing what is going on, and what treatments need to be started or stopped. He's off of the antibiotics he was on, as it's been a week on them. He also had a chest xray to see if there was any pneumonia, causing the fever and the inability to wean off of the oxygen he's on.

They don't see any fluid on his lungs, but saw that there were areas they could tell he wasn't taking big deep breaths. So, he's on breathing treatments every four hours around the clock to push air into his lungs and try to open up the weaker areas to see if he'll be able to get off the oxygen soon. So far, he's still needing it from time to time.

It's now about 7:15 Monday night. Max spiked a fever again. Just shy of the 24 hour mark. We're waiting to hear from the doctors as to what if anything they'll want to do tonight. This I know, we're not going to just ignore this. Max doesn't just get fevers for no reason. Max doesn't need oxygen on a daily basis. We need to find out what's going on. If that means we're here another week, so be it...but if it's something that we're missing and can get under control we should do it sooner than later.

Meanwhile, Max is having pretty good moments in his days. His three favorite things are the balloons he got from his friends Larry and Katie, and from his cousin Adeline and sister Abbey. And he's loving for me to read the letters from everyone. Thanks all for sending them. If you want to send Max a note, you can follow this link to send him one. If by chance we are out of the hospital by the time it arrives, they will mail it to us at home.

Now on to see what the plan guess is a whole lot of waiting to see until tomorrow morning.

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